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First you will be evaluated by an internist or your family doctor. If there is any reason to suspect CML then you will be directed to a physician who is expert on blood and bone marrow diseases (Hematologist).

Your interview with your hematologist could make everything easier if you’re prepared.

The information below is provided to guide you.

  • Before your appointment ask what you should do. (Dietary restrictions)
  • Tell about your complaints and symptoms you have encountered. (Even the ones you think insignificant)
  • Share your important health history, stress and other changes
  • Tell about the medicine you’re using (Even the vitamins and the herbal ones)
  • Take a friend or a supporting family member with you to your appointment
  • Write down what you have to ask to your physician

Preparing your questions before your interview with the hematologist will save both you and your physician precious time. Below are some questions worth asking.

  • What is the meaning of my test results?
  • Would you recommend any other tests of procedures?
  • In which phase is my CML?
  • What treatment options do I have?
  • What are the possible side effects of each treatment?
  • How will this treatment affect my every day life?
  • Which treatment options would you say are better for me?
  • What’s the chance of a remission after your recommended treatment?
  • How fast shouşd I decide whether I’ll accept the treatment or not?
  • Should I get a second opinion on CML?
  • Which center would you recommend for treatment?
  • What are the sources I can use for information both printed and on the internet?
  • What’s the estimate cost of such a treatment?
  • How much of this treatment my social security or private insurance cover?
  • How long will it take?

Never abstain from asking anything you’re not clear on.

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This site is being served by a diagnosed CML patient. is serving the purpose to share the processes, treatment and side effects between diagnosed CML patients and their relatives. is not intended for medical advice in any way. Each treatment applied to CML patients are strictly personal and always should be advised to their own doctors by themselves.
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