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It is common to encounter some complications during CML.

Among these are;

  • Fatigue: In some cases where diseased white sphere count is high, the number of healthy red spheres could decrease (Anemia). The exsanguinity which is called anemia causes quick weariness and fatigue. Some medications used for the treatment of CLM could also cause anemia.
  • Excessive bleeding: Thrombocytes which are also called the blood scales are necessary to stop the bleeding. In cases where blood scales decrease, excessive bleeding in some parts of the body is not uncommon. These could be in the form of nose bleeding, gum bleeding or little red spots under the skin (petechia).
  • Ache: During the production of white spheres, a CML patient may suffer bone and joint aches due to the function of the bone marrow.
  • Swelled Spleen: During CML the excessively produces diseased cell could accumulate on the spleen. This accumulation causes the spleen to swell. Patients could suffer from quick satiation and pains in the upper left abdomen. It is not unlikely to encounter circulatory disorder damages on the spleen.
  • Stroke or Excessive Coagulation: Stroke or excessive coagulation in not uncommon for CML patients due the the excessive blood scale production.
  • Infections: The white spheres are the protectors of the body against infections. During CML the white sphere count increases. However because these are diseased cells they are also unable to function. It is possible for a decrease in white sphere count during CML. That makes the individual more prone to infections.
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